Apple Recall Power Adaptors Again After Identifying Safety Risk 2

Apple-wallpaperApple have declared a recall of chargers sold between October 2009 and September 2010, urging those who may have them to refrain from using them immediately and exchange them with Apple for free.

The malfunction of these chargers only occur in rare cases however are known to overheat and pose a fire risk when they do. The question is, if these chargers are so dangerous, why weren’t they recalled immediately upon release, and are there still threats of using chargers from 2009 when they haven’t malfunctioned after almost 5 years of usage?! It is surprising this recall has been needed, especially since a recall of iPhone 3G chargers were made in 2008, suggesting Apple should have looked in further depth at the potential risks before dispatching faulty products yet again. In the past, Apple have offered exchanges to users with third party chargers due to safety worries, however this shouldn’t have ever been an issue for genuine Apple chargers.

The chargers in question were distributed in 37 countries, available for individual sale as well as coming as standard with iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S models.

_75500281_82ed2a80-b08d-450c-9eb6-1c31f7d0347dIf you are concerned in case you may have a faulty iPhone charger, here is what you need to know to identify if it is eligible for recall. Use the image provided as reference.

Model Number: A1300
Additional Identification: Has CE wrote in solid grey letters across it.

For further questions, advice or help on exchanging your faulty item, it is recommended to contact Apple or your local phone store. Some stores such as Phones4U sometimes work with Apple so that exchanges can be done in store to make the exchange quick, easy and hassle free.

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