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Although many are unaware, Comtek do in fact provide a full range* of Apple products for your office or home, offering great deals.

Our range includes the iPad Air up to 128GB with Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities, allowing high levels of portability for all your personal and business needs. With a weight of less than 0.5kg, the new design allows the iPad Air to be 28% lighter and 20% thinner than previous models. Available in colours grey and silver.

We also provide the iPad Mini up to 128GB with Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities, allowing you take all your needs with you in the most portable tablet form. With a 7.9 inch Retina display, images have never been clearer on such a portable device, providing outstanding power and a 10 hour battery life. Available in colours grey and silver.

The all-in-one Apple iMac, with a 75% less reflective screen, holds an ultra-thin design with a 5mm thick edge, created to be the most stunning desktop in the most advanced form. Using up to 50% less energy, the iMac is perfect for all your creative needs. Available up to 27” inch screen with quad-core i5 3.4GHz/8CB/1TB/GeForce GTX 775M 2GB.

The final product to the range is the MacBook Pro which is thin light and powerful. It is designed to put a lot of power into not a lot of space so that you can have everything you need with you on the go with minimal waiting for all your programmes to run and multi-task at your speed. The MacBook pro arrives with all of the latest version of GarageBand, iPhoto and iMovie already preinstalled so that you can get the best out of your MacBook. Available up to 15inch screen with quad-core i7 2.3GHz/16GB/512GB/Iris Graphics.

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