Apple Online Service Hit By Fault


Disaster struck yesterday for Apple users when they were unable to download or update content due to what is believed to have been caused by their own engineers. The fault affected users for over 11 hours, developing not long before 9am and finishing after 8pm on the evening.

The fault struck several online services including the iOS App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes and iBook shop, leaving it near impossible for users to download apps, music, e-books or videos. The fault was thought to have been caused by a Domain Name System (DNS) error, although is not related to the iOS rollout or new product unveilings earlier in the week.
The fault also prevented users from making in-app subscriptions or purchases across the duration of the outage. Apple’s iCloud was also unavailable to users for 4 hours, blocking them from accessing important documents and emails which may have been essential for their day. Developers were also affected by the faults, with iTunes Connect and Testflight both having issues.
The Apple online media store generated $2.6billion over the last 3 months, equating at about $1.2million an hour, suggesting that the 11 hours of downtime could potentially have cost Apple millions.

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