Apple iOS 7 Mail Security Threat


Internet security threats have become very popular recently since the Heartbleed outbreak, however the most recent security threat involves Apple’s iOS 7. It has been reported that the new software holds a security risk for the use of emails on it’s devices due to attachments in email not encrypting. This means that private and sensitive attachments may easily be accessed by hackers due to emails not being adequately secured by Apple’s data protection mechanisms.

Andreas Kurtz tested this issue by sending emails to and from an iPhone 4, and after restarting it found he could access all email attachments without using any encryption. This contradicts Apple’s data protection promise of “providing an additional layer of protection for your email message attachments and third party applications.” Apple reported that this is a known problem however have not released any information on a potential release date. It is expected that a near-term patch will be distributed however all that is currently released is that the issue is currently being worked on.

When it comes to levels of severity, the iOS security threat is relatively low. Although this threat has been identified, an attacker would only be able to take advantage of the vulnerability if the device was in their possession and if they had the passcode or a jailbreak that works without a passcode. Although not a great issue for the everyday email users, more private emails are at threat therefore going to further extremes may be necessary in order to keep your attachments and data safe.

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