Apple Expected To Improve Touch ID

Blog_round-up-image-touch-idWhen Touch ID was released on the iPhone 5S, it’s was seen as a major feature that brought something new to smartphones. After great success and competition from Samsung’s Galaxy S5, it is highly expected for it to glow as a feature on the iPhone 6 which is expected for release this year. But what is due to change about Touch ID?

The first most important thing to change is that it is no longer only iPhone technology exclusive. Apple is due to open up Touch ID to allow developers to use it as a feature in their apps, allowing for whole new app ideas as well as enhancing the experience users have with existing apps.

Since this announcement, it has been predicted by the China Times that the Touch ID will become a feature on the unreleased iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, which makes sense really as it would be of little sense or profit to Apple if they were to bring out a new feature with the new iOS 8 operating system that is only available with a single device.

A second change expected to be made is for the Touch ID pad to be made more durable in order to withstand the additional heavy usage once third party apps start using the Touch ID feature. With other rumours of Apple looking into mobile payments via Touch ID, making the button sturdier will definitely be beneficial in order for it to withstand the use of shopaholics and keen eBayers.

The release of the iPhone 6 is pushing closer day by day, but until the day of truth, we can only guess, hope and pray that the device will meet our ever-exceeding expectations once and for all.

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