Apple Denies Any Backdoors On iOS

AppleAccusations that Apple has many backdoors open to security risks and spying has been reported by a number of news pages after a man called Jonathan Zdziarski claimed he found many points of concern within Apple’s iOS. These rumours have been completely disregarded by Apple who have pristine explanations and reasons as to why the individual would believe such a thing.

Although this has caused a bit of a stir across Apple fans, the Android community have been delighted by the news with the belief that Apple operating systems are inferior, however their glee has soon been silenced. In a statement by Apple, it has been explained that these “backdoors” that have been identified are merely for diagnostics and trouble shooting for IT departments, developers and Apple in order to resolve any technical problems which may occur.

Apple continued to explain how all diagnostic functions hold no compromise to user privacy and security due to never working with any form of government agency to create a backdoor within any of their products & services, as well as explaining that users have to give consent to any data being sent. In order for this data to be retrieved, it is required for a user to have unlocked their device and agreed to trust another computer before the computer is then able to access the diagnostic data, having to agree to share this data before it will be sent.

It does make sense for diagnostics tools to be a part of Apple software, justifying the concerns raised, although it must be questioned whether the security concerns are due to a conspiracy group or a genuine issue which has been overlooked by Apple. Since it has only been discovered by one person so far, it is most likely to not be an issue at all and just be over exaggerated.

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