Apple: Bug Fixes For iOS 8 Break More Than They Fix

UPDATE: Version 8.0.2 has now been released with fixes to resolve issues made by 8.0.1 as well as the original fixes in the release notes. So far so good, but let’s hope there’s no more surprises in this update.

iOS 8Apple officially released the first updates to iOS 8 last night however pulled it from their server after only a couple hours due to it creating even more issues than the original version. The newest version iOS 8.0.1 was intended to contain bug fixes to combat many of the issues identified by users, however resulted in complaining even further when their device developed even more serious issues.

Signal interference and issues with touch ID are two of the main user complaints, however an even bigger complaint was not what the update was doing, but what it wasn’t. In the release notes, improvements included:

  • Fix for HealthKit apps to become available on app store
  • Fix issue with third party keyboard deselecting
  • Provide access to photos for apps having issues
  • Improved reachability on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • Resolved issue of unexpected data usage when sending/receiving SMS/MMS
  • Improved Family Share options for in-app purchases
  • Fixed iCloud ringtone restoration problem
  • Fixed issue with uploading photos & videos via safari

Despite this long list of improvements, one of the biggest complaints has been the lack of acknowledgement towards battery drain and Wi-Fi issues, leaving users with a phone that has bad signal, lack of touch ID, the inability to connect to Wi-Fi when signal fails and a short battery life. All in all, the newest update left devices about as useful as a brick, however with recent rumours of iPhone 6 Plus devices bending in user pockets, the device may not even be any good for that.

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