Apologies From BT After Broadband Issues

BT BroadbandAn apology has been sent out to BT users after problems developed last week preventing BT customers from connecting to social media, banking and shopping sites. It is unknown as to the number of customers affected, however the issues were reported across different parts of the UK including Cornwall, Eastbourne, Preston and Tunbridge Wells.

The issue started by blocking users from eBay before spreading across numerous popular sites such as Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Forums and banking sites such as HSBC. To top this issue off, the BT help page was also affected, meaning users were unable to receive any assistance or find out what was happening. Further investigations are being made by BT, as it is a complete mystery as to why this incident occurred, however it is unlikely for BT to release any more details on the situation until all the ends are matched up.

BT posted on their Twitter page:

bt broadband tweet

All issues should be resolved now however it is hard to say whether this has been a permanent fix or whether or not it may happen again.

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