Amazon Prime: The Most Recent Perks Of Being A Subscriber


Amazon Prime is the premium subscription service that allows its users access to a number of different perks, including next day delivery with no minimum order size, free e-book rental including access to 4 pre-releases each month and the ability to stream more than 15,000 titles using Prime Instant Video. This week, two new perks have been announced that are exclusive to Prime customers only.

Unlimited Cloud Photo Storage
In the past, cloud photo storage was available only to those who purchased an Amazon fire Phone or Kindle Fire HD, however this feature is now available to Amazon Prime subscribers. There is no limit to the devices that are compatible, allowing automatic photo uploads from any of your connected devices. There is also no restriction to the photo type you upload, including compatibility for RAW files.

It is believed that this move has been inspired by Microsoft’s recent offer of unlimited cloud storage to its Office 365 customers, however unlike Microsoft, Amazon has restricted users to images only.

Free Shipping On Partner Sites
Partner sites to Amazon are now offering free next-day shipping for Amazon users, led by clothes store AllSaints who have agreed a deal with the online marketplace. Users are limited to partner sites for now however it is expected for growth across other partners over the upcoming months. There have so far been a few partners decline Amazon’s offer, seemingly focusing on clothing retailers to start with.

The agreement is being described as something similar to an advertising deal, involving charges to the retailer each time a user is referred over to their site, charging the partner regardless of whether the user makes a sale. No further charges are then made to the partner company, allowing Amazon no cut in the sale.

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