Amazon And Google To Pay AdBlock Plus To Allow Ads

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a free browser plugin which blocks ads from appearing on the user’s screen, giving a much clearer page which is much faster to load. Unfortunately for the website owners, this means that they are losing out on advertising revenue, and with over 300 million AdBlock Plus users, it just shows how much of an issue this really is.

Websites such as Google and Amazon are fully aware of this issue and it’s losing them money – especially considering their popularity and the number of users responsible for this. To resolve this issue, Amazon and Google are now paying AdBlock Plus an undisclosed fee to allow their ads to bypass filters and display to user.

Although ads on websites can be annoying and intrusive, they can be very important for a website – especially the smaller ones that rely solely on ads to pay for the cost of running it. In many cases, a website would close down if they were unable to make money from ads. Some small website owners believe that users should pay a fee to each website for bypassing ads in order to help keep them running, showing just how important adverts really are, despite how annoying they may be.

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