Always In View: Keep Your Concentration On The Road & Your Eyes On Your Child

Children and techIn home tech for monitoring and supervising children has been popular for some time now, however there has never been sufficient child monitoring tech for vehicles… until now. Parents are often in a tough predicament between taking their concentration off the road and resolving any issues a child may be having in the back seat, however this will no longer be an issue with the child friendly device Always In View.

Always In View is a wide-view wireless camera with night vision capabilities, hidden inside of the nose of a soft toy in order to make it more appealing to children. The device can attach to any seat within a car, with a 3 and a half inch screen that fits on your dashboard which streams the live video footage to save you from adjusting your mirrors or taking your concentration from the road. The camera has a 4 hour rechargeable battery, allowing for a constant live view of your infant on some of the even longer journeys.

The viewing display plugs straight into the car, removing the need to charge two devices for the sake of one journey. Starting at £218, this device allows a parent peace of mind whilst being able to resolve any issues safely upon their journey.

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