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DA1 Acer 24 AIO img 3 Measuring in at 24 inches with a display resolution of 1680 by 1050 pixels, the Acer DA1 Touch All-In-One PC provides each user with multi-mode usage options, switching between a touchscreen tablet and an AIO desktop PC to satisfy all your needs, whether it be touchscreen gaming, watching movies or immersing yourself with the wonders of the web.

Running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1 and using NVIDIA’s quad-core T33 processor, you can guarantee the DA1 Touch will stay up to speed with you as you sift through your applications whilst admiring the full HD multi-touch screen that comes standard with each tablet PC. The Android operating system means users will have full access to the Google Play store, meaning shopping, gaming, instant messaging and so much more is right at your fingertips with over 1 million games and apps to choose from.

DA1 Acer 24 AIO img 2Staying connected is made easy with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions as well as an RJ-45 port, making getting online and sharing files a fast and simple tasks. Three USB 2.0 ports mean that additional accessories are of no worry, allowing for wireless keyboard and mouse options when you wish to use the device in it’s AIO PC mode whilst maintaining a wire-free setup.

DA1 Acer 24 AIO img 1The built in personalised setup means that multiple users can have their own accounts, allowing for separate logins that have access to their own files, media, applications and browsing. A built in 2megapixel webcam and front facing speakers means keeping in contact with friends and family is pure simplicity, especially due to Skype and other video-messaging services being supported by the Android OS, however don’t worry about being stuck in one room! The built in battery means that moving around the house whilst staying connected is possible, although with a 24 inch screen, the DA1 is hardly a pocket sized tablet for On-The-Go usage.

Still not convinced? Why not watch this video

Acer DA1 24 Inch Multi-Touch AIO Tablet PC

With so many more fantastic features, get yours today for only £279 including VAT

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