7 Brands We Work With At Comtek

A printer and a laptop from HPWe know that IT isn’t the most simplest of things to understand.  Whether it’s your first foray looking into integrating an IT solution within your business or you’ve got years of experience managing IT, it’s almost guaranteed there’ll be something that causes you problems.

Fully understanding this, our aim at Comtek is to provide the best products and IT support North East solutions possible to completely alleviate anything IT related that could present a problem.

Meaning we’re particularly choosy when it comes to the brands we work with, as we want to ensure the service we can provide really is the best one possible, the following seven are just a selection of those we’re happy to be affiliated with.

1.  HP

Mention HP to most people and irrelevant of whether they’ve got a huge amount of IT knowledge or not, they’ll have heard of them.

Providing everything from home printers through to full business computing solutions, we utilise HP’s products for the simple fact that they’ve been proven to meet the needs of customers time and time again.

2.  Lenovo

In 2011, The Telegraph ran an article titled ‘Lenovo:  The Biggest Computer-Maker Most People Have Never Heard Of’and it sums the brand up perfectly – absolutely huge in China, they’re only now starting to gain a significant presence in the Western world.

However, this unawareness of them has no reflection on their products at all and we’re delighted to offer a range of Lenovo hardware at Comtek.

3.  IBM

One of the leaders in a variety of IT hardware options, IBM have been developing solutions for years and we’re proud to say that we fully back a number of them at IBM.

Generally revolving around the ability to ensure both your hardware and software is safe and secure at all times, there’s a very good reason why IBM have been around for decades – their solutions work.

4.  VMware

As our IT needs grow, so does the complexity of the systems we have in place and it’s not something that’s going to get any easier as we continue to develop as an IT-driven world.

However, there are numerous solutions available to make the management of our systems much easier and the products we supply from VMware can do just that, allowing you to feel confident that no matter how big your environment gets, it will still be simple to effectively manage.

5.  Microsoft

Arguably the most notable name in IT, Microsoft have been creating a range of products for decades now and at Comtek, we provide and support a number of them for home, school and business.

Including everything from infrastructure software through to an ever-growing number of products within their Office portfolio, we are able to implement a solution for a vast array of different requirements.

6.  Sage

Leaders in business management software, Sage’s six million customers range from independent small businesses to multi-national organisations.

Providing and supporting the vast majority of Sage’s projects, including Sage Line 50 accounts and Sage Pay, your financial and management IT requirements are safe in our hands.

7.  Symantec

One of the fastest growing parts of IT is security – more and more data is being created by the day and we therefore need better safety solutions than ever before.

Symantec are globally renowned for their security products and it’s because of this why we support their entire range of solutions, ensuring your IT environment is fully protected from a range of different threats.

We really do want to offer the best service we possibly can at Comtek.  From IT support Durham through to bespoke solutions, we always ensure we’re working with the highest quality brands possible so you can feel confident that the service we provide really is going to be the one that perfectly meets your needs.

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