6 New Features To Be Found On iOS 8 2

iOS8-2After many rumours revolving around Apple’s iPhone 6 and iOS 8 operating system, official features have finally been released to settle disputes between the majority, exceed expectations for the minority and provide complete disappoint for others. Multiple rumours have been confirmed where as others have been blown out of the water and are already long forgotten. Continue reading to learn the truth behind the rumours.

sony-smartband-swr10-4-a1)      HealthKit

HealthKit is to be a new software which allows compatibility between your Apple device and third party health gadgets in order for the user’s body and personal health to be monitored. The parallel app Health, allows for healthcare statistics to be measured and for the user’s hospital to automatically be contacted if irregularities are detected.


Safari-credit-card-scan-iOS-82)      Online Shopping

A new feature using your iPhone’s camera is to be released, allowing for a user’s credit/debit card to be scanned and automatically uploaded to online payment forms to help save time with online shopping. The card would need to be placed into an on-screen frame which reads the details accurately without the need of squinting to read and heavily faded details.

Phone Locating

A new feature called Send Last Location is to be added to Find My iPhone in the new iOS 8 update. The feature will detect the location of the device moments before the battery dies, sending and storing it to your iCloud in order to find where it may be if mislaid, such as clothing pockets, under the seat of your car or at your desk at work. Not only is this great for when you misplace your phone when its battery is dead, but it can also be used as a backup for Find My iPhone with mobile phone thieves. Using these apps together, you can track the iPhone across its destination and then pinpoint it until the very end when the battery dies.

Split-screen-multitasking-comes-to-the-Apple-iPad-in-iOS-84)      Split- Screen Capabilities

One rumour made was that of iOS 8 having split screen capabilities, however this is not yet to be made available until iOS 8 is fully released and all bug fixes have been made. Once this feature is released, users will be able to run 2 apps at once at quarter, half or three-quarters of their sizes to help combat the need to flick apps open and closed in order to multitask. The code is currently in the software however is not yet activated, therefore we can expect for this to be released in September/October this year when other features have been perfected to reduce everything going wrong all at once.

quicktype-ios-85)      QuickType

A QuickType keyboard will soon be appearing on your Apple devices, offering smart predictive text which detects possible responses you may want to send, such as offering yes or no if you have been sent a question. Users will not be limited to this keyboard, allowing for developers to create new keyboards and offer them in the app store for users to find the best input method for them.

famsharehero1-100309449-large6)      Family Sharing

Family sharing will allow for applications downloaded through a credit/debit card to be shared across other Apple devices with the same card registered to that account. Parental controls will also be added to help control child usage times and the data they can access.

Additional updates to the service include Mac Integration, location sharing, Siri updates and smart interactive notifications that change on the lower corners of your screen according to location.

The new iOS will be compatible on any Apple devices higher that or including iPhone 4S and iPad 2, meaning that the only product to next go out of date is the iPhone 4.

For further information on new Apple releases, click here.

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