3 Reasons To Outsource Your IT Support North East 1

A black computer keyboard and mouseThere’s little doubt that IT has developed extensively over the last few years in every respect.

From the data centres used to store the ever-growing amount of data we process on a daily basis through to the actual machines used in offices, things have changed rapidly over the last decade in particular.  However, we’re proud to say that our IT support North East has always gone above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

With the development of IT over the years often meaning considerable investment in continually upgrading existing systems, retraining employees and having to employ new staff, unfortunately, this is likely to continue as technology develops and our data usage grows further.

Whilst there are various options available to help you manage the growth and associated costs, the IT support services we provide at Comtek have proven to be perfect for many organisations to date, with there being three clear reasons why outsourcing your IT support could be the ideal option.

1.  It’s cheaper

When you keep everything in-house, it means you’re responsible for all of the associated costs, which are often far greater than you first anticipated.  From staff through to physical hardware, the costs can be clearly seen in some instances, but hidden – yet just as considerable – in others (for instance, if keeping everything in-house means half a dozen employees need to spend two hours a week maintaining the system or in training, that’s 12 hours worth of work every week that they can’t spend on what are likely to be more business-critical tasks).

By outsourcing your IT support, you can greatly reduce the number of IT resources you need to pay out for or have dedicated to the cause, instantly freeing those resources up and reducing your related costs considerably.

2.  It’s more effective

For many organisations who keep their IT support in-house, their IT staff won’t just be dealing with support issues.  The truth is support is likely only supposedly play a minimal role in their overall position, but chances are it’s going to take up much more time than first anticipated.

When you outsource your IT support, you essentially free up your IT staff and can be confident that their time really is being spent on the aspects of their role that are most vital to the organisation’s success.

3.  It constantly fits your needs perfectly

As IT is constantly changing, it means you have to be continually updating everything to ensure you stay at the top of your game.  Doing so is not a requirement as such, but just look at how far the PC has come in just a few years – could you really be running your business on machines that were more than a couple of years old?

When you outsource your IT support, you don’t have to worry about this development as we essentially carry it out for you, ensuring that the service you receive from the moment we first start working together is the one that meets your needs in the best way possible.

Our whole aim at Comtek is to ensure you get the best IT support Newcastle, Durham and right across the whole North East possible for your organisation – and we’re confident that when you outsource your IT support to us, you’ll have a more effective and efficient IT environment than ever before.

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