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Should You Be Continually Developing Your IT Network?

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s vital for any organisation to feel as though they’re staying ahead of the competition, doing what they can to utilise the latest tools and techniques that are becoming available. For certain businesses, this is relatively easy.  They look at what’s being talked about and utilised […]

Are You Aware Of Just How Harmful ‘Good’ Business Practices Could Be To Your IT Systems? 1

When you’re in business today, there’s a considerable amount of information to take in.  Numerous different points that need to be considered.  Various recommendations made by professionals that seem like necessities. Generally speaking, when we can see how they can have a positive effect in some way, we tend to […]

The Cloud – Ignore Or Embrace As A Small Business?

As a popular IT support North East company, we have the pleasure of talking to a vast amount of people on a regular basis. Covering a huge array of topics, a lot of the discussions we have are essentially based around problem solving or alleviating fears.  We speak to people who have […]

IT Security – Are You More Wary Of The Phrase Than The Processes? 1

In many ways, IT security has always been an important talking point for organisations.  Ever since computers started to be used in the workplace – and particularly when large-scale networks and internet usage became commonplace – organisations have had to have an eye on IT security. In recent times, however, […]

Should Cost Ever Be Considered More Than The Security Of Your IT Network?

As a company experienced in the provision of various different IT solutions, such as a small business server Newcastle, we always do our utmost to ensure our customers are fully satisfied. Relatively simple on some occasions and more difficult on others, it’s based purely on the requirements of the individual […]

3 Key Benefits Of VoIP (Voice over IP) Technology 11

Although it can very easily be thought that VoIP is a new technology, it actually dates back close to two decades. Initially aimed primarily at the business market, although the early pioneers’ efforts were particularly basic by today’s standards, they paved the way for many globally recognised services – such […]

5 Ways Cisco’s Unified Computing System Will Benefit Your Business

One of the most notable names in IT, Cisco have been around since 1984 and have continually grown, developed and expanded to produce products that meet the ever-changing requirements of IT and business. Having a vast array of different products on offer, one of their most notable is the Cisco […]

Relocating Offices? You Might Just Be Surprised At How Comtek Can Help 3

Our focus at Comtek is to deliver IT solutions that are genuinely going to help our clients. Whether you need a full and complete IT support Durham service or help with data recovery, we have the knowledge and experience to be able to deliver to your requirements every single time.

7 Brands We Work With At Comtek

We know that IT isn’t the most simplest of things to understand.  Whether it’s your first foray looking into integrating an IT solution within your business or you’ve got years of experience managing IT, it’s almost guaranteed there’ll be something that causes you problems. Fully understanding this, our aim at […]